human-centered designer






Christina Chen


Through an intense desire to understand people, and a love of thoughtful user experiences, I want to enrich the world by making novel and interesting things that both push boundaries and make sense - new experiences that align with and augment the ways we already think, play, create, and learn as we navigate through life.

Student at Wellesley College, majoring in Media Arts & Sciences (an interdisciplinary program combining Design and Computer Science) and minoring in Anthropology.

Currently working on creating experiences that guide users on engineering their dreams at the Fluid Interfaces Group in the MIT Media Lab. Also developing an employer brand and social media content strategy for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Former Design Intern at the MIT Design Lab, working with a team to imagine future visions and novel experiences for corporate clients.

Interested in photography, the euphonium, good storytelling, rainy days, cooking and eating Chinese food, every other food, travel